L R AS Published on Tuesday 7 March 2023 - n° 435 - Categories:News of the Month

This week's highlights, as of 5 March 2023

The point in evidence: recent history of silicon

The Chinese government saw the value of photovoltaics before the rest of the world and organised a control of this sector of activity. They helped, financed and organised the various stages of panel production. Above all, they perceived that control of the upstream (silicon and wafers) allowed them to control the downstream (production of cells and panels). From then on, they allowed a few small panel assembly activities to develop, as if to make people forget their control over the entire industry, while having the possibility of limiting or restricting the expansion of these mini-companies.

The article describes how the Chinese have managed to organise their domination, to take advantage of their hegemony. Only this domination is attracting backlash from India and the US.

The Chinese silicon cartel has its best days behind it

A look at the Chinese PV industry (continued: silicon)

1st important point: investigations follow one another and all come to the same conclusions: the announced yield of the panels is not the one observed

A new analysis indicates a 3% loss on solar panels

2nd secondary point: On the strength of their success in revising contracts signed before 2010

French RE actors have filed a petition for annulment, regarding the sharing of super profits

3rd (subsidiary) point point (subsidiary) Several companies have had an excellent year in 2022

A flood of orders in 2022 at First Solar

Array in 2022: excellent year

Soltec in 2022: good year

Other interesting points :

CRE publishes new tariffs and premiums until 30 April

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