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This week's highlights, as of 26 February

The point in evidence

Various Chinese official bodies have just published the data for the photovoltaic industry for the year 2022. This is the first year that the data has been published in a systematic way. An effort has been made by the Chinese administration to present the data in a systematic way, but as the data comes from different bodies, some gross errors have crept into the figures. Some of them have been detected. The most important thing is that we can now get an idea of the Chinese PV industry at the end of last year.

A look at the Chinese PV industry

The first important point is that it was announced that large silicon production units would start operating at the end of 2022. What is the point if there is collusion between producers?

Slight increase in silicon prices

2nd secondary point: byentering into long-term supply agreements for silicon and wafers, Meyer Burger facilitates the installation and development of producers. It completes the autonomy of its sector

Meyer Burger is building a European PV industry!

3rd (subsidiary) point (subsidiary) 2nd point: the Atlantic photovoltaic business has had to face supply difficulties, but also the effects of the forced labour law, as well as the threat of import duties due to product circumvention

Large-scale plants installed in 2022 in the US

Other interesting points :

Commission's industrial plan gets lukewarm reception

pvXchange wonders about upcoming panel price developments

By 2022, European solar and wind production has overtaken gas production

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