L R AS Published on Monday 27 February 2023 - n° 434 - Categories:Germany, industry, industrial strategy

German solar industry warns against capital poaching

The German solar industry warns against "poaching of investment capital" to the US, China and India.

The BSW Solar Association

once again called for political measures "to rebuild a strong solar industry in Germany and Europe". A "global race for solar gigafactories" is underway with "extensive government subsidy schemes" creating more attractive investment conditions in other regions than in Europe.

Photon of 20 February 2023

Editor's note There are those who talk and those who act. Calling for political measures is fine, but it requires action on the part of the speaker. Meyer Burger has decided to act. This will take time because everything has to be rebuilt, but there is no reason why this manufacturer should not succeed in "rebuilding a strong solar industry".

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