L R AS Published on Monday 30 January 2023 - n° 432 - Categories:European countries

In short in European countries: Norway, Holland, Sweden, Germany.

In short in foreign countries: Norway, Holland, Sweden, Germany.

The temporary tax regime in Norway will contribute

to maintain high gas production on the Norwegian continental shelf until 2030. 35 projects have been approved in the last two and a half years, most of them late last year. Norway will go from supplying just under a quarter (24%) to almost a third (30.2%) of all European gas in five years.

Dutch electricity distributor distributor Liander has published an updated map of congested areas in the Netherlands and invited developers of large-scale power plants to contact its experts for advice.

The Sweden installed 1 GW in 2022, bringing capacity to 2.6 GW by year-end.

L'Germany launches a tender for 1,950 MW of ground-mounted installations at a price cap of €0.0737/kWh






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