L R AS Published on Sunday 29 January 2023 - n° 432 - Categories:European countries

The Baltic countries, small but interested in PV

Lithuania has relaxed some of its regulations in favour of the electricity market and photovoltaic installations. This results in a reduction to 18

months of the development process, from the signing of the land to the power plant being energised. By comparison, it takes four years in Spain or Italy to get full approval, not including construction.

The multiplicity of projects in Lithuania has created bottlenecks in saturated markets: grid operators, regulators or authorities have been "flooded" with projects. Despite this, the commercial commissioning of a solar plant is still faster than in southern European countries, although it can now take up to two years. Having found that renewable energy projects are safe and a good alternative to other investments, financial entities compare the speed of commercial operation of projects.

In the Baltic countries, the authorities are somewhat more efficient than in the southern European countries because they are much more digitalised, which makes projects much faster.

Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, very small countries, are very quickly saturated. The authorities and regulators are starting to think about limiting the capacity to be developed.


PV Tech of 25 January 2023

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