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This week's highlights, as of 30 October 2022

The main point

The photovoltaic world has been largely disrupted over the past six months. In addition to Covid 19, which has caused supply difficulties between factories, and in addition to energy shortages which have also penalised the course of business, professionals in the sector have suffered from the rise in the price of silicon. This has favoured producers but also wafer manufacturers who have raised their prices and improved their profitability. On the other hand, the panel assemblers, who are in contact with the end customers, were not able to pass on the increase in silicon prices as well. They have put pressure on cell producers to absorb a large part of the price increase upstream.

With the statistics published this week by AECEA and PV InfoLink, plus the half-yearly or nine-monthly accounts of Chinese manufacturers in the industry, we sought to take stock of the industry.

A look at recent developments in the Chinese PV industry

industry with

AECEA's photovoltaic forecast

PV InfoLink's photovoltaic forecast



The first important point: the French government wants to try to remedy the lack of interest of developers in its calls for tender. Developers have to face an increase in costs between the study of the file and the attribution of lots. Hence the idea of taking account of price variations upwards or downwards. The announcement would be imminent.

Soon, reform of PV tendering mechanisms to take account of inflation

2nd secondary point: intermittency is the real obstacle to the generalisation of solar or wind energy. pvXchange believes that it would be greatly reduced by coupling these two energies which do not have the same production period

Energy security depends on the coordination of solar and wind power, according to pvXchange

3rd (subsidiary) point (subsidiary) A detailed study of the evolution of this activity, with the forces that are shaking this niche

An overview of the main wafer manufacturers

Other points of interest :

France to produce lithium in 2028

Voltalia presents its objectives for 2027 (five years from now):

Geostrategic change in Europe: the emergence of the Iberian Peninsula

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