L R AS Published on Sunday 30 October 2022 - n° 422 - Categories:European countries

Large-scale PV projects proliferate in Portugal

To date, 4.3 GW of solar projects in Portugal have been granted a grid connection permit. This is the first step towards exploiting

a new solar power plant. The next step is to apply for a production licence: a record 1.2 GW of solar projects applied for production licences in the first seven months of the year (for the whole of 2021, the figure was just 0.9 GW). Once this has been obtained, the operating licence is the final step, says Aurora Energy Research.

It appears that the solar capacity allocated at auctions represents around 33% of projects with a production licence. The other projects are mainly non-subsidised, with a few using the self-consumption scheme.


PV Magazine 24 October 2022

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