L R AS Published on Sunday 30 October 2022 - n° 422 - Categories:Asia, silicon mono/multi

The end of the lean season for OCI as it relaunches in the US

South Korean silicon producer OCI has announced that it will increase the annual production capacity of its US solar panel plant in San Antonio, Texas, operated by its Mission Solar Energy unit, from 210 MW to 1 GW.

Mission Solar Energy is expected to begin commercial operation of its new production lines by the end of 2023. The plant, which currently only produces panels for residential applications, will also manufacture M10 solar panels for commercial and large-scale projects. The silicon will be sourced from the Malaysian plant.

In Malaysia, OCI currently operates a 35,000 MT silicon plant in Sarawak. The group's total annual silicon production - including its 3,000 MT plant in Gunsan, South Korea - is 38,000 MT


PV Magazine of 25 October 2022

Editor's note: OCI had to shut down its main production unit due to the introduction of Chinese tariffs. A few years later, the situation has changed. Other non-Chinese users need this silicon. The company will be able to start up again, for example by revitalising the American subsidiary.

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