L R AS Published on Wednesday 5 October 2022 - n° 418 - Categories:News of the Month

What to remember this week, as of 2 October 2022

The most important point : comparison European and Indian conditions

The sky is darkening for the European photovoltaic industry. It does not seem to have regained its pre-covid dynamism. It has been targeted by the European Commission as one of the beneficiaries of rising electricity prices. It now faces rising interest rates.

Indian photovoltaics is supported by the government. Manufacturers have launched large capacity expansion programmes and have come up with new products to match the Chinese ones. Europeans are not participating in this expansion

A look at European PV dynamism versus Indian dynamism

First important point: the use of solar was clear in 2021 where half of the new generators used photovoltaics. With wind, nuclear and hydro, 40% of electricity needs are covered

Wind and solar power generation provided more than 10% of global electricity demand

2nd secondary point:researchers have found a way to reduce the cost of producing green hydrogen

Hydrogen (LCOH) would already cost less than $3/kg

but researchers are reluctant to generalise the use of hydrogen

3rd (subsidiary) point (subsidiary) 3rd point (subsidiary): this organisation is part of the energy sobriety trend to get through the next winter in good conditions

50 energy saving measures presented by negaWatt

Other interesting points :

A bill to accelerate renewable energies was presented to the Council of Ministers on 26 September

Voltalia will reach its 2.6 GW target a year early

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