L R AS Published on Monday 26 September 2022 - n° 417 - Categories:minister-regulation

E. Macron wants to speed up photovoltaic installations

To speed up photovoltaic installations, the Head of State spoke of freeing up land on wasteland, motorway verges and railway lines, as well as agrivoltaics. This acceleration

In his view, this should also involve simplifying administrative procedures and reducing the time taken to examine legal appeals.

These measures will be included in the bill to accelerate the development of renewable energies, to be presented to the Council of Ministers on Monday 26 September, as well as in government decrees and amendments.

E. Macron also wants to speed up the launch of new nuclear reactors.


PV Magazine of 23 September 2022

Editor's note You can always want administrative simplification, even as Head of State. Once an administrative organisation has been established, it will always find a way to re-emerge, either in the same area of activity, because it will always find a loophole or a good reason to insist on maintaining the previous situation as it was, or because civil servants have a job for life: if they are not in one place, they will go elsewhere to reinforce the administrative structure and increase standards and controls.

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