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Prices in the sector on 14 September

Silicon :

The orders for silicon are done. A few new orders are coming in.

Current prices for monograde silicon are holding steady

at RMB 303-306/kg. Recycled silicon scrap prices are slightly higher. Nevertheless, manufacturers are recording stable order volumes.

The trading price range is widening. Buyers seem to be more cautious, as the tightness in supply this month supports prices in the short term. Changes and future price trends will become apparent gradually as more orders are received.


The volume produced could increase by the end of the month compared to the previous month despite the earthquake and electricity rationing.

The 210mm wafers are experiencing limited growth in supply, while the 182mm wafers supply is increasing at an increasing rate. Prices continue to fall for lower quality 182 mm chips, but are temporarily stabilising for higher quality chips. In October, the difference between prices for 182 mm a-grade and non-a-grade wafers (higher quality/lower quality) will intensify.

On 8 September, leading wafer manufacturer Zhonghuang increased prices for P-type 210 mm-150 μm wafers to RMB10.06/piece. From now on, it will post prices based on 150 μm thickness rather than 155μm until now.


Cell prices are holding steady this week at RMB1.29-1.3/W, RMB1.2-1.31/W and RMB1.3/W for M6, M10 and G12 cells.

An increasing volume of 182mm cells are trading at RMB 1.31/W at the top end of the range. Some manufacturers are reportedly offering prices of 1.32 RMB/W. For 210mm cells, prices are rising slightly in dollar terms amidst a shortage.


Glass-glass panels above 500 W are shipping at 1.98-2.01 RMB/W this week, with a price difference of 0.01-0.03 RMB/W compared to glass-foil backsheet panels. In China, panel prices have changed little; developers have no choice but to accept deliveries. They may fall to 1.95-1.98 RMB/W in the fourth quarter.

Some panel manufacturers have started to reduce their prices to capture market share. Transactions at RMB 1.9/W would have been made in the context of an intense price war, expected in the fourth quarter.

In overseas markets, prices fell in September, mainly due to lower demand and exchange rate fluctuations. In Europe, stocks are sold at prices as low as $0.25/W on the retail market. Average prices remain at $0.27-0.275.

N-type cells and panels:

The market has not yet seen many price offers for N-type products, resulting in small variations. Prices are holding at RMB 1.45-1.55/W for M6 HJT cells and at RMB 1.4-1.45/W for M10 and G12 TOPCon cells.

Panel prices are temporarily holding steady this week, at RMB 2.07-2.3/W for M6 HJT panels, and at $0.29-0.33/W in overseas markets.

TOPCon M10 and G12 panel prices remain at the same level as last week, at RMB/W 2.07-2.12 for mono-facial panels, RMB/W 2.10-2.15 for bi-facial panels, and around $0.28-0.31/W in overseas markets.


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