L R AS Published on Saturday 17 September 2022 - n° 416 - Categories:Europe

European target of 45% renewable energy by 2030, but no-one is committing to results

The European Parliament has agreed to increase the EU's share of renewable energy in total final energy consumption to 45% by 2030 as part of a revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). This extends current legislation

which called for 32% renewable energy by 2030. Last June, the Member States raised this target to 40%.

The parliamentary decision also sets sub-targets for sectors such as transport, buildings and district heating and cooling.

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PV Magazine of 16 September 2022

Editor's note We can set ourselves targets, but can we also set ourselves results? The delay in drafting the energy-climate law, as well as the postponement of measures to promote self-consumption, indicate that the target is just that - a target, and that applying or achieving it is not a priority. To favour EDF? Because of the administrative nature of France? Or simply because there are no panel manufacturers with enough influence to encourage the public authorities to declare PV installations a priority?

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