L R AS Published on Saturday 10 September 2022 - n° 415 - Categories:capacity increase/decrease

Two new benefits of the new US law for Heliene and PV Hardware

Heliene, a Canadian manufacturer of cells and panels, is launching the construction of a new 1 gigawatt plant in the United States to take advantage of the new law.

It currently has a capacity of

1,100 MW in operation or under construction: 450 MW of photovoltaic panels in the United States and 250 MW in Canada. A new production site is under construction in Minnesota, which is nearing completion and will supply 400 MW.

The company is currently working at full capacity until 2024.


PV Tech of 8 September 2022

Editor's note Another beneficial effect of this new law, which has only just been enacted.


PV Hardware, a Spanish manufacturer of trackers, is planning to build a 6 GW plant in Texas that will be operational by June 2023. The company has a 10% share of the world market and production units in Spain and Saudi Arabia. This is a consequence of the Inflation Reduction Act (LIA)


PV Magazine of 9 September

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