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Manufacturers announce plans to build production units in the United States

Manufacturers announce plans to build production units in the United States

A fortnight after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States, First Solar announces

the creation of a 3.5 GW-dc plant in the south-east of the country. The plant will be vertically integrated. It will be First Solar's fourth plant in the country. It is expected to begin operations in 2025 and would bring First Solar's production capacity to 10 GW in the United States. With the plants in Vietnam and Malaysia, as well as the plant in India which will be commissioned in the second half of 2023, First Solar will have a global production capacity of 20 GW-dc in 2025.



PV Tech and PV Magazine of 30 August 2022


In another announcement, US tracking manufacturers are planning to increase their production capacity. The legislation provides a credit of $0.87/kg for the production of torque tubes and a credit of $2.28/kg for structural fasteners, for ten years.

In addition to support for manufacturing, the Act extends the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar power plants. Tax credits for industrial investment and for the installation of solar power plants are increased if domestic content is used.

The director ofArray Technologies intends to increase production in the United States

NEXTracker is recruiting at its US plants in response to the forthcoming demand generated by the new law. Since the start of the year, the company has opened three factories in the United States - in Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona - with the aim of reaching an annual tracker production capacity of 10 GW in the country.


Editor's note This law encourages the expansion of production to the various stages of manufacturing.

PV Tech of 29 August 2022

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