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Opinions in favour of the IRA are widespread

According to Princeton University, the IRA will allow the installation of an additional 49 GW of solar power per year between now and 2025. This is five times more than the capacity added in 2020.

Research firm Wood Mackenzie estimates

that adoption of the IRA will increase industrial-scale capacity development by 86% over the next ten years. The US solar industry has never experienced such a long period of policy certainty, spanning ten years. "Having certainty over a period of more than ten years radically changes the outlook for the sector. "Tax credits make solar competitive with wholesale electricity market prices and allow utilities to add renewable resources without increasing customer rates.

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The extension of the ITC and PTC for a decade "is the fundamental part" of this legislation, according to EPC contractor SOLV Energy. The certainty of having time to develop a US supply chain is almost as important as the PTC and ITC extensions.


PV Tech of 18 August 2022

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