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Vattenfall builds Europe's largest combined heat and power plant

Published on Saturday 9 July 2022 | Article n°412

Vattenfall is building Europe's largest combined heat and power plant near Berlin. It will store district heating water at a temperature of 98° C using renewable electricity from the grid.

The facility is expected to be commissioned in April 2023. It will have a thermal capacity of 200 MW. It will be able to provide heat for about 13 hours.

The plant is 45m high and has a capacity of 56 million litres. It will use renewable electricity from the grid to heat the water to 98°C and then store it for district heating.

When there is surplus wind power available, the generating plant produces heat on site and then stores it in the tank.

If hot water is added at the top, the same amount of cold water is removed at the bottom," the utility explains on its website. "Thus, only the quantity ratio between hot and cold water in the storage facility changes, but not the total amount of water."


PV Magazine of 6 July 2022

Editor's note Whether it is this CHP plant or the sand heat storage plant Commissioning of sand storage in Finland, attempts are being made. All the solutions are being tested, but it is not yet possible to say which will be the most efficient, the most productive and the least expensive.

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