In Germany, renewable energy sources covered 49% of consumption in the first half of the year

Published on Saturday 9 July 2022 | Article n°412

Thanks to intense sunshine and wind, renewable energies covered 49% of Germany's domestic consumption in the1st half of the year. That's 6 points more than a year ago (43%).

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Solargis's report on sunshine in Germany last March: Surprisingly, solar production can vary greatly depending on the year and the location.

To install 22 GW of solar power in Germany from 2026 onwards, we need to spend 150 billion euros, a large proportion of which will go to China, which produces 96% of the world's wafers. This poses a "considerable risk to achieving the ambitious development targets that are imperative for climate protection and energy security in Germany.So we need to rebuild an industry that can guarantee independence," stresses the director of the ZSW.

To build more and faster, the unions cite the lack of land.

Photon of 6 July 2022

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