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FNCCR and France Urbaine want to be able to sign PPAs

Published on Tuesday 5 July 2022 | Article n°411

FNCCR (Fédération nationale des collectivités concédantes et régies) and France Urbaine publicly regret not being able to conclude direct energy purchase contracts.

The rules of public procurement, in particular those relating to duration, make it difficult for public actors to use PPAs. This situation prevents them from hedging their bets over time in the face of unpredictable and extremely bullish energy markets.

The FNCCR brings together local authorities in charge of local public services. France Urbaine is the association of large cities, agglomerations and metropolises

These PPAs could strengthen the role of local authorities in renewable energy development projects.

These PPAs do not require any financial support from the State and ensure a real benefit for all users of public services. The stability of these long-term contracts offers real visibility to contractors as well as more advantageous prices than those of the European energy market.

Tecsol of 29 June 2022

Between the obstacles put in the way of power plant installations by the various public authorities mentioned by the Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, and the regrets of the FNCCR/France Urbaine, many improvements in the functioning of the regulations should take place. Will this administrative straitjacket be broken? France has been built on centralised regulations (since royalty). Decentralisation is desired but it is contrary to tradition. Can we hope for a renovation of the central administration? Or should we hope for real decentralisation?

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