L R AS Published on Tuesday 5 July 2022 - n° 411 - Categories:Germany

70% of houses in Germany could be equipped with PV systems

According to the German energy supplier Lichtblick SE and the market research company EUPD Research, 70% of the 10.8 million one- and two-family homes in Germany could be producer-consumers of PV systems. To do so, they would need to improve

energy standards provided that their energy needs are covered 100% by electricity by converting heating to heat pumps and mobility to electric cars. They would only need a third of their current electricity needs. In this way, homes could be 80% self-sufficient.

Rising energy prices would make it particularly attractive to retrofit homes with energy-efficient technology

Currently, 16% of suitable German homes have solar panels. The percentage of equipment owners (heat pumps, electric cars and charging stations, HEMS, domestic storage, smart meters, etc.) is much smaller.

Photon of 29 June 2022

Editor's note: If this statement were true, it would change many aspects of residential energy supply. There would be less need for large power plants and more need for distributed installations. What's more, new energy management technologies would increase self-consumption to around 70% of production, making residential use almost self-sufficient. This changes everything!

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