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Study of a light train powered by solar energy

Published on Tuesday 28 June 2022 | Article n°410

A project for an ultralight electric train powered 90% by solar energy is under study. It would use direct current

produced by panels located locally. A prototype could be tested in mid-2023. It would use disused railway lines

This idea could be extended to the provision of electric buggies connected to the DC network for the last few kilometres between the station and the destination.


PV Magazine 23 June 2022

Editor's note The project is attractive because it seems simple, uses what already exists and, above all, reduces the number of journeys made by petrol-powered vehicles. It still needs to be relatively inexpensive if it is to be profitable. What's more, as a regional system, it would enable the regions to ensure transport cohesion within their area. There's a good chance it will be a success.

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