The European Union Parliament calls for sanctions against China over Xinjiang

Published on Tuesday 21 June 2022 | Article n°409

The European Union (EU) Parliament has adopted a new resolution condemning human rights violations in China's Xinjiang region. It called on its executive, the European Commission (EC), to adopt tougher trade sanctions against China.


has already imposed sanctions on China in relation to Xinjiang. Last year, it imposed sanctions on four Chinese nationals and one entity following accusations of forced labour.

The EU's latest initiative is much stronger in its language, calling for a total ban on all products accused of being made using forced labour and on all companies 'listed' as using forced labour.

PV Tech of 17 June 2022

Editor's note It is curious that this body is concerned with human rights in Xinjiang and neglects the supply of Chinese panels. It therefore seems to be more interested in principles than economic reasons.

It is not clear what Parliament will achieve, because China is particularly sensitive about its independence and will react. The Europeans will get nothing, not even moral satisfaction. It really is a pointless decision.

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