L R AS Published on Wednesday 8 June 2022 - n° 407 - Categories:News of the Month

This week's highlights, as of 29 May (No 407)

The main point

The economic and financial conditions in the photovoltaic field have completely reversed compared to two years ago. Everything has changed. The price of silicon, and therefore of panels, and the price of metals have risen dramatically. The freight rate is four times higher than before Covid. Electricity prices are nothing like they were twelve months ago! What does this mean for the industry (developers, builders, manufacturers, subcontractors)?

A look at Solar 2022, chronicle of a disaster foretold

1st incidental point: China will double its PV installations in 2022 over 2021, absorbing an additional 53 GW. High demand will continue

China to double its wind and solar capacity by 2025

2nd accessory point: The American company AES has developed a panel installation robot. This cuts installation time in half and avoids repetitive movements

First automated panel installation robot

3rd (subsidiary) point (subsidiary) WoodMac discusses what would be needed for Europe to have a photovoltaic industry that meets its needs

What is missing to revive the PV production sector in Europe!

Other interesting points :

Modification of the Horizeo project (1 GWp)

France commissioned 484 MW of solar in Q1 compared to 736 MW a year ago.

Price increases for battery materials create uncertainty for EV sales

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