L R AS Published on Tuesday 7 June 2022 - n° 407 - Categories:agrovoltaic

Australian farmers admit that grazing is better under panels

Two Australian farmers claim that their solar panels have improved the quality of pasture during droughts over the past four years. They believe that the installations have increased the quantity and quality of the sheep's fleece.

that graze during droughts. They thus confirm research suggesting that the microclimates of solar panels increase water retention and grass production. In other words, solar panels create a microclimate that reduces evaporation and considerably stimulates vegetation production in arid climates.

Researchers found that areas partially or fully covered by solar panels increased their biomass production by 90%.


PV Magazine 2 June 2022

Editor's note The natural shelter provided by the solar panels explains the reduced evaporation of humidity and therefore stimulates plant production. It seems logical that sheep should benefit from this.

Can the same thing be said for a temperate climate like France's? So far, this has not been confirmed.

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