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Published on Tuesday 31 May 2022 | Article n°406

The most important point : Covid was treated in Shanghai by a severe lockdown for several weeks. Workers could not get to the factory, production could not be shipped, goods could not be loaded onto ships. A few weeks later, this led to supply difficulties in Europe. Wholesalers do not know when they will be delivered, for how much, at what price. Developers are running out of panels. The shortage of electronic chips interrupts the production of inverters and batteries. Hence :

A look at the supply difficulties of the photovoltaic sector

The first ancillary point is that criticism of the REPowerEU programme is rife. There is a wide range of views. Are they well-founded?

1st critical opinion on REPowerEU: eightfold increase in RE installations per year

2nd critical opinion on REPowerEU: energy security is not sufficiently guaranteed

3rd critical opinion on REPowerEU: The amount to be invested is greatly underestimated

4th critical opinion: the slowness of the programme will cost Europe dearly according to Ember

2nd point of criticism :

Lhe CNR wants to become a major French player in photovoltaic energy.

3rd point (subsidiary) :

The top five panel suppliers in 2021: economic and financial analysis

Other items of interest :

Who makes silicon and where? Nobody knows the origin of the silicon used!

Another way to store energy: through a shape-shifting molecule

Rooftop installations should equal or surpass large-scale power plants

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