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The Italians and storage; ENR in England; an overview of Portugal

Published on Monday 30 May 2022 | Article n°406

In brief in Europe :

Italians embrace energy storage

UK government bets on RE + storage to reduce carbon emissions from buildings

Portugal to install 572 MW of new solar PV capacity by 2021


Italians are converting to energy storage: only one out of 100 professionals surveyed by EUPD Research said they do not intend to offer storage products in 2022. 10 installers will offer storage products this year. 89% have been offering storage systems for a long time (they were only 64% in 2021).

The trade body Italia Solare reports that 431 MWh of energy storage capacity was sold in Italy last year, compared to 112 MWh in 2020, while Italy has added 1 GW of solar generation capacity in 2021 to reach 22.6 GW.

The northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto have been promoting energy storage sales with funding programmes. In Italy, rooftop PV is encouraged by net metering and a 110% tax deduction from the "superbonus" for certain types of building renovation. Net metering allows electricity producers to deduct from their final electricity bill the value of the electricity they feed into the grid, with exported electricity having a lower value.


The UK government is relying on solar installations coupled with storage to reduce carbon emissions from public buildings from fossil fuel heating.

The latest selection of projects is worth £262 million or $328 million. Many more locations will be equipped with panels + storage.


Portugal has installed 572 MW of new solar PV capacity in 2021. The installations include both small and large scale PV systems supported through several programmes. The Portuguese Office of Energy and Geology (DGEG) reports that of the 1.73 GW of cumulative capacity, 342 MW is from self-consumption systems.

PV Magazine has devoted a long article to the Portuguese solar system. We encourage readers interested in the subject to refer to it.

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