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CNR wants to become a major French player in the photovoltaic sector.

CNR wants to become a major player in the French photovoltaic market. It's starting with the Rhône Valley

Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR), a French company specialising in renewable energies, has set up a new subsidiary that will focus on developing solar installations in the Rhône Valley.

It will specialise in ground-mounted and floating solar installations and commercial and industrial rooftops of up to 4 MWp. This new subsidiary, called Solarhona, plans to install 1 GWp by 2030 in the Rhône Valley.

The aim is to involve local authorities, businesses and farmers in the governance of solar projects.

CNR has an installed renewable energy capacity of 4 GW, including 45 hydroelectric power stations, 46 wind farms and 22 solar projects. Under the impetus of its new president, the company has reconsidered its business model in order to accelerate the development of renewable energies.


PV Tech of 24 May 2022

Editor's note The choice of medium-sized power plants is a wise one, because they are easier to fit into the landscape, meet local needs, involve the people responsible and sufficiently reduce production costs. This is certainly the segment of power plants with the greatest foreseeable future.

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