L R AS Published on Monday 30 May 2022 - n° 406 - Categories:miscellaneous financial, industrial strategy

Grenergy reflects the general opinion that solar energy is growing in Europe and worldwide

Spanish renewable energy developer Grenergy believes that the publication of REPowerEU would "lead the way" for international growth and that Europe would grow faster

than in any other part of the world.

It is currently active in four European countries, with a pipeline of 2.2 GW in Spain, and almost 2 GW more, mostly PV, in Italy, the UK and Poland.

Latin America remains the company's main market, with a production pipeline of 5 GW, mainly solar PV, and 2.6 GWh of battery storage, another market where the company has been strengthening its presence.


PV Tech of 24 May 2022

Editor's note: What is certain is that the gas crisis in Europe is drawing attention to renewable energy. All investors are betting on this future niche, believing that after the installation, there is only the annual income to be reaped. However, this activity is very capital-intensive. It is this point that is holding back the development of all developers.

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