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A look at a reason for hope: the President/Vice-President of the European Commission debate

Published on Wednesday 25 May 2022 | Article n°405

In recent days, the pages of the newspapers have been filled with the words of the President of the European Commission, with her REPowerEU programme. It was supposed to be aimed at reducing dependence on Russian gas. This gas is being targeted because it is a hydrocarbon which makes environmentalists react. We could just as easily have reacted against Russian food imports such as wheat, barley, sunflower oil, aluminium, ... We preferred to target Russian gas! To provide an alternative to this gas target, the use of renewable energies has been favoured, but it will take time for the multiplication of panels or windmills to provide energy independence.

Curiously, in this very ecologist environment, another very authoritative voice was heard two or three days after this programme was described. It was unexpected. It indicated a second vision of Europe. It preached for greater lucidity, for another policy, to announce that the purchasing power of Europeans would be permanently affected.

Do we need soothing announcements or lucid words?


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