L R AS Published on Tuesday 19 April 2022 - n° 402 - Categories:European countries

In brief in Europe: Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey

In brief in Europe :

Germany: Call for tenders and "solar market value

UK: Danger of hydrogen leakage

Turkey: Tender at $0.0257/kWh


In Germany, the call for tenders closed on1 March was just subscribed. 1,084 MW were awarded out of a proposed 1.12 GW



The "market value of solar" in Germany rose sharply again in March from 11.87 euro cents in February to 20.71 euro cents in March.

This value is determined from the proceeds of the sale of solar energy on the spot market of the power exchange and is decisive for the so-called "direct marketing".


The UK government is warning of the global warming risks associated with hydrogen leakage. It has published new research showing that hydrogen leaks could have an indirect impact on global warming, partly offsetting efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.



Turkish tender awards 300 MW at $0.0257/kWh


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