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In brief in France: the French cities best equipped with solar panels, Arnaud Leroy leaves ADEME, Qair associated with Sun'Agri, Poseurs d'Avenir training

Ranking of the best equipped French cities with the most solar panels

Hyères is the city with more than 50,000 inhabitants that has the highest proportion of solar panels in relation to the total roof surface of the municipality. Valencia

is the city with more than 50,000 inhabitants where the percentage of buildings with at least one solar or thermal panel is the highest, with almost eight out of every hundred buildings. Perpignan is second in both rankings.


Editor's note Of course, cities in the south of France are the best equipped with solar panels because of the sunshine. Then it depends on the policy of the municipalities.


Arnaud Leroy leaves ADEME and joins the SPHERE group, a French ETI, a national and European industrial player specialising in multi-material packaging



The independent producer of renewable energy, Qairis continuing to develop and diversify its activities with agrivoltaics. To do this, it has partnered with Sun'Agri



On 11 and 22 April, two new three-month sessions will begin in Marseille, at Fort Saint Nicolas.

These sessions are aimed at job seekers wishing to train as photovoltaic panel installers. The training enables the acquisition of the necessary skills and accreditations sought by professionals in the sector. Of the 90 trainees in the previous Poseurs d'Avenir sessions, 80% were recruited at the end of all the sessions.


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