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According to Ember, a 25% growth in solar installations is sufficient to stay at 1.5°Celsius

Following on from last week's article by the think tank Ember(Ember says global power transition 'on track'): if wind and solar maintain a compound growth rate

If solar power generation grows by 20% over the next 10 years, the global power sector has a chance to meet the decarbonisation targets that are needed to keep the global temperature increase to 1.5°C or less.

If solar power generation maintains the annual growth rate of the last ten years (of 33%) for another ten years, there is no doubt that solar power will help reduceCO2 emissions. The study suggests that solar power needs to grow by "only" 24% over the next decade to meet its targets.

Solar power generation grew by more than 23% last year, and wind generation grew by 14%. Both sources officially exceeded 10% of global electricity generation last year


PV Magazine, 8 April 2022

Editor's note Finally, an optimistic message that the world is not heading for disaster. If in the past there has been a 23% increase in solar installations over the last decade, the growing concern to multiply RE installations will help achieve this necessary spread

But who is right in the various forecasts we are fed? Some say that we never do enough. Others say that we are heading in the right direction! All take 2030 as the next horizon to be reached but nobody knows what will happen in 2023!

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