L R AS Published on Saturday 22 January 2022 - n° 390 - Categories:US policy

Build Back Better Act could be passed in pieces

Since the US President is unable to pass his $1.7 trillion Build Back Better (BBB) Act in one piece, he plans to divide

The bill is divided into different parts to make it easier to pass. This is especially true for the $555 billion in energy support measures (solar investment tax credits, support for domestic manufacturers).

BloombergNEF estimates that the average cost of electricity would fall by almost half over the next decade if the BBB Act were implemented.


PV Tech of 20 January 2022

Editor's note: The president depends on his very small parliamentary majority, which gives great weight to any Democratic challenger. He can easily block everything if a minority part of the text to be voted on does not suit him. Hence the idea of splitting the whole into parts that will be easier to adopt.

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