L R AS Published on Friday 7 January 2022 - n° 388 - Categories:capacity increase/decrease

New massive plan to increase capacity in photovoltaics

China's Risen announces a $7 billion expansion plan. On the one hand, it plans a production facility

It also plans to develop a 200,000 ton silicon metal plant, a 150,000 ton high purity silicon plant, a 10 GW n-type silicon crystal project and a 10 GW panel assembly plant.000 tons, an n-type silicon crystal production project with a capacity of 10 GW and a 10 GW panel assembly plant; on the other hand, it wants to develop solar (3.5 GW) + wind (1.6 GW) power plants and storage systems.

The company's objective is to strengthen the vertical integration of production in conjunction with SMSL in order to avoid the supply difficulties experienced in 2021 with silicon


PV Tech of 4 January 2022

Editor's note: The silicon "shortage" in 2021 has traumatised the players in the sector who no longer want to leave it to third parties to supply them with components. Their philosophy is now to cover the entire sector to avoid depending on products from outside.

At the same time, the exceptional profitability of silicon manufacturers is attracting new business. This week, Xinyi is planning to launch a 60,000 tonne plant. The new massive production of silicon in 2023 will lead to a collapse in the price of this basic material.

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