L R AS Published on Friday 7 January 2022 - n° 388 - Categories:Germany

Germany has installed 5.3 GW in 2021, 10% more

According to initial indications from the BSW trade association, Germany has installed 5.3 GW in 2021, which is 10% more than in 2020, providing around

10 % of German domestic electricity consumption. Residential and utility installations grew strongly throughout the year, while commercial rooftop commissioning was less dynamic.

This brings installed capacity to 59 GW

The union urges the new government to accelerate installations. 15.6 GW should be built per year between 2022 and 2030 (i.e. three times the 2021 commissioning), if 200 GW is to be in operation by 2030.


PV Tech of 5 January 2022

Editor's note: The government's intentions are fine, but implementation will be much more complicated. How they intend to achieve this goal will be carefully examined.

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