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Maxeon has provided an update on the brand's panels that will be released:

This is the Maxeon Air. It is a thin (4 mm), light, frameless panel that can be installed without fixing (by self-adhesive). It will be marketed in France

in early 2022. Each panel weighs 6.2 kg/m², which is half the weight of conventional panels. It offers an efficiency of 20.9%, a coverage ratio of 0.9, better control of thermal runaway and hot spots through the ability of the panels to share the load with neighbouring panels. It will be produced at the Porcelette plant in northern France, with an initial capacity of 40 MW which will be increased to 100 MW in 2023 if there is sufficient demand. This product is intended for flat roofs with load constraints such as commercial and logistics warehouses or light roofs

We are working with installers and roofing membrane installers to show them the value of this product.

Last quarter, the company introduced the Maxeon 3 Maxeon 5 AC with a power range of 375-430 W for the residential market. It now offers the Maxeon 5 AC with 400 to 420 watt-peak power and 21.5 to 22.5 percent efficiency. It uses back-contact technology and has a factory-integrated Enphase AC microinverter. The product range is available with an AC inverter as requirements move towards more modularity. If the current demand is for 3 kWp, the demand will evolve to more powerful products including heat pump and electric vehicle. It will be possible to change the panels without changing the central inverter.

The company will offer the range Performance 5 range in the first half of 2022. It will replace the Performance 3 AC inverter dating from 2019 which has a power output of 370-385 W and an efficiency of between 18.9% and 19.6%.


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