L R AS Published on Sunday 28 November 2021 - n° 384 - Categories:France, prices France

Installation of 2 GW in France in nine months

France deployed more than 2 GW of PV in the first nine months of 2021 (compared to 0.8 GW last year), bringing the installed volume to 13.3 GW. This is mainly due to large plants: 65% of the connections are installations of more than 250 kW, which are only 1% of the total connections. Smaller installations (below 9 kW) account for almost 83% of the number of new connections and about 7% of the installed capacity.

The number of solar projects in the queue for grid connection has increased by 18% since the beginning of the year to 10.6 GW, of which 3 GW have a signed connection agreement.


PV Magazine of 26 November 2021

Editor's note: These figures are a welcome change from previous years. Before becoming too euphoric, we should know what was the postponement of the 2020 installations disrupted by the pandemic and which were completed in 2021.

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