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Zonneplan launched its virtual power plant this week

Dutch installer Zonneplan this week launched its virtual power plant and energy exchange system that completely digitises the production, purchase, sale and storage of electricity.

Through an application and the use of a plug-in

For the smart meter called Zonneplan Connect, customers can find out the price of electricity and the percentage of electricity produced from renewable sources on the grid every hour.

The company provides an overview of hourly electricity prices, shows at any given time what percentage of electricity is coming from the sun and wind on the grid, and also provides an overview of the customer's energy consumption. Everyone can then buy, sell, produce and store their own electricity


PV Tech of 22 November 2021

Editor's note The prospects opened up by this computer application are surprising and impressive. It opens up horizons that are very different from what we know. One of these is the complete autonomy of the producer, who acts according to what seems most appropriate. This autonomy will provide opportunities for some operators to take advantage of opportunities, and will remain for the greater mass of users a potentiality similar to the potentialities of all electronic devices.

Another aspect is the volatility of the price of energy at any given moment, whereas the usual practice is to know an intangible average price

The consequences of this computer installation are unimaginable at the moment, so revolutionary are they

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