AS Published on Tuesday 16 November 2021 - n° 382 - Categories:PV Watch

A look at why COP26 failed

If we address the environmentalists and the participants, COP26 seems to have given birth to a mouse. The disappointments are equal to the commitments of the climate activists or of the population to whom extreme climatic phenomena are announced. But isn't that asking too much of such international conferences? How can we reconcile the divergent interests of rich countries and oil-producing countries in terms of greenhouse gases? Do the emerging countries have the same interest as the rich countries? This alone explains the failure of COP26.

The only decisions that can be taken are those that satisfy everyone, and therefore have no binding effect. Otherwise the declaration is rejected by this or that group. Yet it is the indirect effects that are achieved: the attention paid to the new world that is expected; the gradual evolution towards awareness; and also, little by little, towards a change in behaviour

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