L R AS Published on Monday 15 November 2021 - n° 382 - Categories:agrovoltaic

Photosol recommends solar power plants in combination with sheep grazing

Photosol has been working for thirteen years to develop agrivoltaic power plants combined with sheep grazing. The company believes that solar power plants can be developed on a massive scale without artificially altering the soil or impacting biodiversity.

Energy production from agrivoltaic plants contributes to the income of a sheep farm.

Agrivoltaics is the solution to overcome the opposition between massive deployment of solar energy and the consumption of agricultural or natural areas.


Tecsol of 8 November 2021


Launch of a €1.3 million equity financing

NDLR As far as agrivoltaics is concerned, we are left with general statements. However, it would be interesting to know what the respective share of solar energy and livestock farming is in a farmer's annual accounts (half and half, one third and two thirds?). Depending on the proportion, there will be a strong expansion of this model, or on the contrary a moderate progression.

It is astonishing that in France, for agri-voltaics, climate, hydrogen, or any other field, we are left with general ideas, positions of principle, and an absence of concrete and quantified details. The big disadvantage is that all it takes is one noisy pressure group to impose an idea at the expense of reality. Even journalists fall victim to this because they feel obliged to repeat what they have heard without having any arguments for or against. After that, we are surprised that choices that are not very rational, absurd or utopian lead to financial setbacks or economic failures.

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