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The cost of solar energy from US utilities

According to Lazard, US utilities' solar power achieves an average cost (LCOE) of $0.028 to $0.041/kWh.

For RE:

The LCOE of large-scale photovoltaics

The LCOE of unsubsidised crystalline silicon-based solar plants is estimated at $0.030-0.042/kWh

The LCOE of on-grid thin-film solar power plants is estimated at $0.028-0.037/kWh.

The LCOE of residential PV is between $0.147 and $0.221/kWh

Commercial and industrial rooftop solar LCOE between 0.067 and 0.180 $/kWh.

In the residential segment, solar installations plus storage would reach $0.416 to $0.621/kWh and for the commercial segment, this value is estimated at $0.235 to $0.335/kWh.

Wind power remains the cheapest source of electricity with a LCOE of $0.026-0.050/kWh. This is slightly lower than last year's $0.026-0.054/kWh.

For conventional energy:

Gas-fired combined cycle has the lowest LCOE of $0.045 to $0.074/kWh among conventional sources

Coal and nuclear have the lowest LCOE of $0.065-$0.152/kWh and $0.131-$0.204/kWh, respectively.


PV Magazine of 5 November 2021

Editor's note: The study is interesting. It would have been good to know the variation with the previous year. But also to compare its results with the NREL study (The evolution of PV and PV+storage installation costs in the US in 2020) which takes into account all installation costs. Do they arrive at the same results?

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