L R AS Published on Saturday 30 October 2021 - n° 380 - Categories:China

China wants to be seen as a good climate student

On 12 October, President Xi announced China's commitment to meeting carbon emission targets by building 400 GW in Chinese deserts. A first phase of the project,

including 100 GW of wind and solar power, has reportedly started to be built. However, the rising price of panels means that the launch of this project will be postponed until late 2022 or 2023. The demand for panels will then be considerable.


PV InfoLink of 22 October

Editor's note: This is not very committing for a manager who knows that what he announces cannot be done. But that is what the Chinese president has just done

While global demand for panels is around 180 GW per year, adding an exceptional demand of 100 GW (and even more in the case of 400 GW) will disrupt the global market and drive up prices. If this demand occurs when panel prices are almost back to normal, the extra demand will wake them up. To the great benefit of Chinese manufacturers! Again, two objectives achieved with one measure!

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