AS Published on Tuesday 19 October 2021 - n° 378 - Categories:PV Watch

A look at the "Start, and then I'll follow you"! Or the evanescent European PV

The photovoltaic reindustrialisation of Europe is analysed, commented on and desired. If we want media success, we organise a round table on the subject. This is normal because Europe was at the origin of the development of solar energy in the world; because until recently, companies from the Old Continent were the world's leaders and flagships; because many leaders are still nostalgic for that time.

Moreover, it is fashionable to repatriate factories that have gone abroad. There is only talk of reindustrialisation, automated factories that eliminate the weight of labour in the finished product, and savings on greenhouse gas emissions in transport. So why not in photovoltaics? But it's not that simple. It's even more complex because of the very nature of the solar panel!

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