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European Commission urges states to invest in RE

To combat rising electricity prices in Europe, the Commission has urged Member States to speed up the deployment of solar energy. It says that "the transition

The move towards clean energy is the best insurance against future price shocks and must be accelerated.It called on member countries to "step up investments in renewable energy, retrofits and energy efficiency and to accelerate the auctioning and licensing processes for renewable energy". and to accelerate auctioning and licensing processes for renewables". This includes the conclusion of PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). However, the price of these has jumped by 8% in one quarter due to the energy crisis.

Commission urges development of battery and hydrogen storage


PV Tech of 15 October 2021

Editor's note: Even if governments are aware of the need to accelerate the deployment of solar energy, it takes a certain amount of time to achieve this: Whether it is the selection of a location, the study of the installation and also the administrative authorisations. The time needed for this is measured in half-years or even years. The energy crisis is in 2021 and will have its effects in 2022, long before the famous deployment can take place!

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