L R AS Published on Sunday 10 October 2021 - n° 377 - Categories:panels

Solar panels from recycled and bio-based materials

Roctool, a French supplier of production equipment, has teamed up with the CEA-Liten research institute to develop 300mm x 300mm solar panels from recycled and bio-based materials, thanks to

to a new manufacturing process. The first prototypes will be unveiled in the coming months.

The production of 300mm x 300mm panels is being tested using a technique based on Rotcool's Light Induction Tooling (LIT) technology, which is said to reduce production times by a factor of four. According to Rotcool, LIT technology is a stand-alone solution for the manufacture of composite parts.

"Offered as a turnkey solution, LIT can be seamlessly integrated into existing or future production lines," said Roctool.


PV Magazine 7 October 2021

Editor's note: These are also solar tiles. Only we don't know their capacity to produce electricity, or even their price

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