L R AS Published on Sunday 10 October 2021 - n° 377 - Categories:around the PV, various issues around PV

PV signs on motorways

The Swiss company Energy Pier has developed a new source of energy on motorways, combining solar panels on the roof of a footbridge

and vertical wind turbines at the ends of the bridge to capture the wind under the bridge.

The designer of this equipment believes that it should be able to produce energy especially near residential areas along the highways, avoid crude and dust. It can also collect rainwater or become emergency recharging stations

Two pilot projects in Switzerland will be installed on 1,609 m: one will provide 50 GWh of green energy per year and the second on 2,500 m and will produce 78 GWh

This project is similar to the Fraunhofer project which proposed a solar ceiling covering the motorways.


Energytrend of 8 October 2021

Editor's note The scarcity of land available for solar power plants will sooner or later require more expensive installations that can produce energy on already occupied spaces. For the moment, this experiment is surprising. It needs to be validated. There is no doubt that it will be used in the future.

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