L R AS Published on Tuesday 5 October 2021 - n° 376 - Categories:France, other France

In short, inauguration at Urbasolar, Marcoussis, RES, Châteauroux, Cortica Sole

In short: inauguration at Urbasolar, Marcoussis, RES, Châteauroux, Cortica Sole

Urbasolar inaugurates the solar power plant in La Grand'Combe,

located in the Rouvergue forest, with a capacity of 5 MWp



Inauguration of the Marcoussis PV power plant (Essonne), which covers 23 hectares and will produce 21 MWh per year



RES obtains the building permit for the largest floating solar farm in France. Installed on 167 hectares, it will have an installed capacity of 65.5 MW



Inauguration of the 30 MWp solar park on the former Martinerie military camp in Châteauroux. The land will also be occupied by sheep and bees



Corsica Sole has commissioned a 6.5 MWp PV plant in the Lot-et-Garonne


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