L R AS Published on Sunday 3 October 2021 - n° 376 - Categories:various issues around PV

In brief: Moroccan PV production for the UK, UK projects, TotalEnergies in Texas, floating PV for RES, Iberdrola

In brief: Moroccan PV production for the UK, UK projects, TotalEnergies in Texas, floating PV for RES, Iberdrola

A 10.5 GW solar and wind project is being developed in the Guelmim Oued Noun region of Morocco,

of which 3.6 GW will be exported to the UK. It will also have a 5 GW/20 GWh battery, ensuring that the energy produced can be supplied every day, providing a dedicated and near-constant source of flexible and predictable renewable energy.

As part of the project, four 3,800km high voltage direct current (HVDC) submarine cables are to be laid in the waters off the coasts of Portugal, Spain and France. They will be connected to the UK electricity grid via two 1.8 GW connections in Devon.


UK solar developer Island Green Power is to develop two PV projects totalling over 1 GW on former coal-fired power station sites in the UK. Both sites will also have energy storage facilities.



174 Power, a US subsidiary of TotalEnergies, starts building 80 MW near Dallas, Texas. A power sales agreement was signed



RES, the renewable energy developer and asset manager, has obtained planning permission for a 65.5 MW floating solar project to be installed on a former quarry in north-eastern France. It will be built on a 127 hectare site.

RES is currently developing a portfolio of floating solar power plants totalling over 200 MW.

France is already home to a 17 MWp floating solar project



Spain's Iberdrola, which is currently building around 1.8 GW of PV and wind projects in Spain, is halting its investments following the introduction of new measures in the country that limit the profitability of non-emitting power plants. The company will carry out a detailed assessment of the economic viability of the projects


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