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Through various initiatives, professionals are preparing for the use of hydrogen

Through various initiatives, professionals are preparing the use of hydrogen

1°) Four Central European gas infrastructure companies have joined forces in the Central European Hydrogen Corridor,

to develop a hydrogen highway through Central Europe to transport 120 GWh per day of pure hydrogen by 2030. The aim is to transport this gas from Ukraine through Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the user regions in Germany

2°) The German government has issued an order to test the production of hydrogen from offshore electricity: the exclusive economic zone of the North Sea will be allocated to offshore hydrogen production.

3°) The Port Authority of Rotterdam will cooperate with inland ports in the northern Ruhr to become the hub for the import of green hydrogen. It would make the North Rhine-Westphalia region the hydrogen hub of Germany

4°) Airbus, Air Liquide and Vinci are going to work together to build a European network of airports to accommodate future hydrogen-powered aircraft. The aim is to equip airports with hydrogen production, storage and supply facilities for use on the ground and on board aircraft.

5°) The UK's Protium and Petrofac are to carry out net zero projects in the UK for their clients. This involves developing renewable energy assets, green hydrogen production facilities and downstream hydrogen equipment.

6°) UK chemical company Ineos will produce blue hydrogen at its Grangemouth refinery, withCO2 capture and storage.

7°) The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which carries natural gas from Azerbaijan to the Greek-Turkish border, is investigating the possibilities of hydrogen transport.


PV Magazine of 24 September 2021

Editor's note: We don't even know when hydrogen will be available at a reasonable price, so the industry is preparing solutions "just in case"! This rush is quite comparable to that which affected lithium. Even the disadvantages of storage (short storage time) have been overlooked in order to be present in the market. This rush has been so strong that lithium storage has become the main mode of energy conservation, and at the same time, it is the technology that is being sought to be replaced with other modes or technologies. Only the pressure for lithium storage is so strong that it has cancelled out almost all other processes!

We should learn from our past behaviour

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