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The 1.5°C target will be abandoned as unrealistic.

The target of a 1.5% average global temperature rise will be dropped because there are not enough solar panels to go around, says

Norwegian consultant Rystad Energy. Global production capacity would have to quadruple within 14 years.

Factors that play their part The rise in inputs has pushed up the price of panels, all with more expensive labour: the price of silicon has tripled; silver metal has risen from $550/kg to $850/kg (+55%) in two years. The PV industry consumes 10% of the world's annual silver supply. Seven times that amount would be needed to produce panels in 2035

Copper, aluminium, steel and glass have also been highlighted as problematic raw materials. The cost of shipping has soared.


PV Magazine of 14 September 2021

Editor's note: This is the first organisation to mention this abandonment. It will be followed by many others as it becomes increasingly clear that this objective is unrealistic. This does not mean that it is a good thing. It is just that this abandonment will be the revenge of reality on ideas and will.

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