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The largest EPC suppliers and builders of PV projects in 2020

According to IHS Markit, the top 30 EPC suppliers and builders of PV projects in 2020 accounted for 28% of global installations. The companies

whose main share of business is in mainland China and the US had a remarkable year: the location of the EPC business determined its success in 2020. Covid-19 tightened and concentrated the PV market: more than half of the global non-residential PV additions were located in mainland China or the US. Adding Vietnam, where the commercial segment soared in 2020, the top three markets contributed 61% of nonresidential PV additions last year.

In contrast, non-residential PV installations decreased by 17% in the rest of the world, compared to 2019. As a result, of the top 10 EPC providers, four did all or most of their business in mainland China and four others focused solely on the US.

For the second year in a row, PowerChina topped the list, installing 6% of the world's non-residential solar PV capacity, mainly in its domestic market. India saw a drastic 52% year-on-year decline in installations.

Major global EPCs and PV integrators in 2020

1 PowerChina (Mainland China)

2 CEEC (Mainland China)

3 Blattner Energy (USA)

4 Swinerton Renewable Energy (USA)

5 Prodiel (Spain)

6 TBEA Xinjiang Sun Oasis (Mainland China)

7 RumtechS (Vietnam)

8 Sungrow Renewables (Mainland China)

9 Moss Construction (USA)

10 Mortenson Construction (USA)

Of the 30 largest PV integrators in 2019, 21 installed less capacity in 2020 than in 2019. 13 even dropped out of the top 30. Many companies have suffered globally.

In 2021, a further reshuffling of positions in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) rankings can be expected, as soaring system costs lead to delays and contract renegotiations for some PV projects. Even US EPCs may find it difficult to complete projects this year due to the recent freeze on PV panel imports.


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